To maximize your home’s value and get you a quick sale, Mila proudly offers interior design planning at no additional cost to you!

  With Mila’s Interior Design Planning Service, you get customized sketches showing the design possibilities in your home. Mila will work with you to determine which changes in your home design will result in the best return on your investment, taking your personal tastes into account. The recommended changes could include items like:
      - Fresh interior paint 

      - Furniture arrangement

      - New home accessories 

      - Updated lighting fixtures 

      - or something as minimal as couple of flower arrangements.

Where the plan includes purchasing recommendations, Mila will provide links to where the items can be purchased. Or you can use the sketch to find similar items in your favorite shops. 
    If you are a Seller our goal is to make your home look like a buyers Dream Home and when you move into your new home, you’ll have a cohesive design concept, with the stylized home accessories ready to make your new home shine! 
   If you are a Buyer, the moment you find your dream home and share your design ideas, you will receive a design sketch based on your vision and preferences.

   Of course, you are not under any obligation to make the recommended changes. The Interior Design Planning sketch simply provides a freeblueprint for creating an inviting space in your current home that can also move with you into your new home.   

  Take advantage of our design team with an experience in luxury hospitality, and real estate expertise to give your home a competitive advantage over the other listings on the market. And enjoy the home accessories from your customized interior design plan in your new home for years to come!   



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