It’s my job to make your home look spectacular and as I mentioned my passion for photography gives me an ability to see a “good shot” and also see a shot that will help influence buying decisions. I am not limited by “photographer’s package” and can take my time to get all the necessary photos and  provide for my clients all the upgrades, like Twilight Photography, TV swap, Sky Swap, fireplace swap and other special edits at no additional cost. Your property photos will be featured on MLS but only 40 of them, that's where your personal property website shines with unlimited photos of your home, neighborhood highlights, even close by attractions. Sky is the limit! 
    I believe, when you choose a realtor and compare the commissions, you need to pay special attention to What Services You Get for that commission amount you are about to pay.

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Make Your Home Stand Out 

   After working many years in a hotel industry, I learned a lot about selling strategies but the most important concept in marketing is; the quality of the marketing of any product is indicative of the quality of the product itself.

   While viewing your photos, the consumer subconsciously visualizes how he/she will live in that house, entertain friends, raise kids, have holiday parties and family dinners. When listing presented with professional-quality photos and complete with digital enhancements it stands out VS poorly lit, oddly colored, and unattractively framed photos of the same house, can give the opposite impression and a buyer will probably not even make the effort to see it in person.

   A listing agent that decided to use their cellphone to take pictures, or  has a friend who said they could do it for free, has just made a serious error. They have psychologically assigned a lower value to the home they are trying to market, effectively reducing its perceived value to everyone they are hoping to sell it to.

We want to have our minds blown by whatever it is that we are interested in purchasing

    We want to feel as though the products we buy are the best possible options within our budget, and by the end of the transaction, we want to feel like we came out on top. If they love it before they get there (because of the excellent photos and marketing), they will be willing to overlook minor issues and disappointments, and it will be harder for them to decide against making the purchase.

Therefore, the buyers will be willing to offer more for it.  This decision is made deep within their subconscious mind so they may not even be aware that they have already formed an attachment to the home with quality marketing, based solely on that marketing. They may consider the other similar property, but it will be only as a second choice.

I think it’s important that a new buyer falls in love with the home that they will eventually choose to make their own based on the beautiful photos that made their first impression unforgettable

Buyer, I want Mila to help me find my dream home.

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