Spring /Summer Living Room Colors

  The task was to add more fresh, rich spring colors and slightly change the perception of space, without destroying the harmony and style of the original design.

  Most of the pillows in the center of the sofa need to be light. It is very important to address the color, pattern and also the texture.

  Mantelpiece decor ideas.Client wished for a painting to remain the same and we suggested adding colors using natural plants, candlesticks and any other decor. Introducing round shapes though the plants such examples would be: eucalyptus, populum eucalyptus, anything with round leaves. Eucalyptus, would be perfect because its leaves have the dusty cold shade we need, not so open greens, without yellowness.

   It is necessary to highlight the coffee table as central part of the room. Therefore, for we decided to use objects with light ivory, white and beige shades.

Please feel free to ask any questions!


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