Teen Girl Room

    Client wanted to add and organize items on the bookshelves, make room more suitable for a teenage girl.

    Bronze goes well with wall colors and massive, vintage furniture. Round shapes will balance the room creating more feminine look. Our suggestion is to use textures by bringing other objects into the room, like blankets and pillows. For example, buy some pillows with tassels or bronze threads.

    Rearranging the furniture and moving the makeup table to the other side of the room will give an illusion of this room being a lot bigger.   

    Bookshelf items should be big enough to be clearly visible, we suggest choosing items that would visually cover the back wall on the shelf so doesn’t seem empty.

    Juju Hats. This piece of declaration should be the last one to add. We suggest you collect all the textiles and other objects first and pick out your Juju Hats to accommodate and bring together all the colors in this room.

Please feel free to ask any questions!


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