Selling Your Home (SELLER 102)

Pricing  Strategy

Most homeowners believe they know their home's value before I even step foot into their home on a listing appointment. Unfortunately, most homeowners are way off, though, especially in our current market. ⁠⁠
It's important as a homeowner to stay educated on the current market conditions and understand your home's value before considering listing your home. ⁠⁠
Remember that online valuations (yes, those lovely "Zestimates") are just software and a quick calculation. When I meet with a potential Seller, days before, I research their home, area, and the home's sold and make adjustments to give the Seller an honest Market Value on their home. ⁠⁠

Even with the market being totally nuts, it's still possible to list homes too high where they just sit on the market much longer than they should. The most important info I can share with my future sellers is to price your home correctly, understand the market and listen to your realtor's advice. Remember, we are on your side.⁠⁠ 


Setting the right price for your home is the single most important decision you will make when deciding to sell.

Go too high, and you risk turning off every buyer in the marketplace, go too low, and you leave money on the table. One simple but powerful technique for pricing your home is to give me a call to set a price.

Use A Pre-Appraisal

Have an appraisal of the home done before putting the home on the market for sale. By having this done, you will have an objective voice that has provided value for the property independent of your own opinion and could be a great tool in negotiating the best terms with a buyer.

LOOK at your house

Buyers decide in the first eight seconds of seeing a home if they're interested in buying it.

Get out of your car, walk in their shoes and see what they see within the first eight seconds.
It may surprise you.

  • Walk around the outside of your home and look at your front door condition.
  • A little paint goes a long way.  
  • Plant a tree or two trees that will frame your house or your entryway. ($50) 
  • Add flower boxes. 
  • Ensure walkways, sidewalks, and hardscape areas are clean.
  • Light up your exterior.

Hire A Realtor  [ME!]

Using a Realtor, like myself, will help you net more money at closing and will take over the negotiations. I understand the market, and the pricing strategies needed and have the tools to market your home for the most exposure to buyers.

How Much Do I Want To Pay My Realtor?

Using a Realtor like myself will help you net more money at closing and will take over the negotiations. I understand the market and the pricing strategies needed and have the tools to market your home for the most exposure to buyers.

Given the proliferation of services that help home buyers and sellers complete their own transactions, you may have considered whether you should go it yourself instead of working with an agent. However, there is no substitute for an experienced professional, and taking on all the responsibility yourself could be costlier than an agent's commission in the long run.

The buyer's agent gets paid through a percentage of the list price. This is important because it often determines the level of exposure we can expect to receive when we list your home for sale.

The chart to the right illustrates the different levels and kinds of exposure you can expect your home to receive based on the fee you set for the buyer's agent.

So, what level of commission do you want to offer the Buyer's Agent?

What Is a Seller's Net Sheet?
What is a Seller's Net Sheet exactly? A Seller's Net Sheet is a document that calculates how much money you can expect to have when the sale of your home is final. ... You'll also learn why you as the seller will owe what you do, and what you can expect to keep after all is said and done.⁠
What is a Disclosure by the Seller?
Seller's disclosure refers to the seller's legal obligation to reveal known defects about the home or property they're selling. ⁠⁠

When Sellers ask me all the time, "What should I disclose?" I always reply with, "If you know about it disclose it, because if you don’t your neighbor will” 🙃