Selling Your Home (SELLER 101)



So, you've decided or heavily thinking of selling your home but now what?


Deciding is really step 1, but I'll give you a hint calling ME is step 2!
VERY IMPORTANT: If you made the decision to sell your home - stick with it! Don't decide to just test the market. In today's market you can put your home on the market and within hours have offers.

It gets real, very quickly.

Before we get to Step 2, during the Step 1 process, start fixing those little things that you just haven't gotten to yet. It will speed up the process of putting your home on the market.



Now that you are ready to put your home actively for sale on the market, you'll need me to list your home for you. 

We will schedule a time for me to visit your home and discuss the market, your home value, and all the bonuses you get when listing a home with me. Things like eye-catching Twilight Photos, Single-Property Website, Interior Design Planning Services, oh and did I mentioned FREE completely Seller Home Warranty until your home sells, which helps eliminate post-sale disputes and give you peace of mind. 



Now that we've met, decided on a list price, contracts have been signed, and professional photography is done, it is now time to list your home for sale. 


Listing your home will require you as the seller to keep the home in "show ready" condition. You never know when my phone will ring for a showing, and since this market is off the chain, the first two weeks will be crazy!


Let's get it sold! 



All that hard work paid off, and we received an offer, maybe even multiple in the market we are in today. 


It is my responsibility to review ALL offers with you and negotiate on your behalf to reach an agreement with the buyer. Once an agreement has been made, and all parties sign the contract as-is, or with changes, you are officially under contract!



It's inspection time, and this is a crucial time in the selling process as it can truly make or break a deal. So let's make sure we are ready for the buyer and inspector by checking a few things off our quick and easy list. 


- Check gutters and roof

- Make all areas of the home accessible

- Replace any burnt-out lightbulbs

- Replace the A/C filter
if something needs to be fixed, I have a list of my trusted vendors to get it done right, at a great price, and in a timely manner.



We are so close to getting to the closing table, but a few more items to check off before we get there. Besides the buyer getting the clear to close, we must first go through the appraisal process. 


The appraisal is important because it determines the value of the home. 


An appraiser looks closely at the structure, condition, and size, including:
The home’s square footage, Number of bathrooms and bedrooms, Remodeled versus updated kitchen/baths, Foundation type (whether there’s a full or partial basement, stilts, crawl space, or attic)

Materials used for the walls, floors, and windows and overall condition of the home interior and exterior. 

We hope it doesn't happen, but appraisals sometimes come in low. So, what does that mean, and what happens if it does come in low?


1. Dispute the appraisal - I will find the right comparables to justify the contract price. (see step #2, when I list a home, I make sure to do my due diligence without empty/unadjusted promises so you can rest assured your home will be priced right) 


2. Re-Negotiate Terms. The buyer may need to come to the table with more money [the difference], maybe Buyer and Seller meet in the middle, or Seller drops the price to the appraised value. 


3. Simply walk away. However, even in a Seller's Market where the Seller has the upper hand, the next buyer who comes along could have the same issue. Appraisals stay with a home for several months. 


I'm the Realtor that shows up to appraisals to try and not have issues, but every appraiser is different, and we just never know.




Congratulations! We made it to closing day. Closing day is the final step in the Selling Process. It may have seemed like a long journey at moments, but it was worth it all to get to Closing Day.   


PS: In this fast-paced market, sellers have to be ready for me to list their home and, within hours, already have showing requests. 


As a seller being flexible with showings is key to getting a buyer in your home and quickly going under contract.